IN10CT (Intensity)
Air Bike


The IN10CT Air bike is the perfect tool for HIIT, Cardio, and Endurance training, providing a total body workout that gets the legs, arms, heart and lungs pumping.

The IN10CT Air Bike has 26 ABS blades molded into one piece making it more stable and quieter than traditional steel blades used on air bikes. The number of blades is 30%-50% more than most Air Bikes, which helps users produce a wider range of watt power compared to other fan bikes pedaled at the same RPM, enabling users to look for a tougher physical challenge.

Equipped with a digital console full of functions such as 3 target modes, 2 intermittent modes, and heart rate monitoring system.

The pedal synchronization handle is covered with PVC to provide a steady point of motion and ensure safe movement and a comfortable feel. PU foaming seat is designed to ensure the a comfortable seat for the user. Double-sided aluminum alloy pedals can meet the needs of trainers with different intensity levels and professional cycling shoes can be fixed.