IN10CT (INTENSITY) HEALTHRUNNER TREADMILL action shot of female walking

IN10CT (Intensity) Healthrunner treadmill


The IN10CT Health Runner takes your running experience to a whole new level. With our industry-exclusive dual-bearing system, you’re in complete control to enjoy the smoothest runs you’ve ever experienced. You set the pace and watch as you burn up to 30% more calories compared to traditional motorized treadmills. Plus, your running technique gets a significant boost.

This treadmill is perfect for various fitness needs, whether you’re new to running, an exercise enthusiast, into HIIT where you become the motor or even if you’re a distance runner looking for a gentler impact on your joints than that of an unforgiving road.

Its compact, easily portable design, featuring convenient transport wheels, makes it perfect for commercial gyms, home setups and office wellness spaces. Elevate your exercise experience with the IN10CT Health Runner, where precision, control and exceptional performance come together in one advanced running system.

Shipping: 1 Pallet 49 x 33 x 26 – 340lb

Action shot of a woman running on a curved treadmill by in10ct
Action shot of a man walking on a curved treadmill by in10ct
IN10CT (INTENSITY) HEALTHRUNNER TREADMILL action shot of men working with a trainer
IN10CT (INTENSITY) HEALTHRUNNER TREADMILL action shot of a woman and two men in a gym running
IN10CT (INTENSITY) HEALTHRUNNER TREADMILL action shot of two men in a gym running
Action shot of a man and woman running on a curved treadmill by in10ct
IN10CT (INTENSITY) HEALTHRUNNER TREADMILL action shot of woman running on curved elevated treadmill
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Eric Jones

love it

November 24, 2023

great treadmill and price was right


built well

October 25, 2023

this treadmill is built very well and feels sturdy while jogging. I’d buy again

david aitken

Solid construction-gym comparable

May 20, 2023

Solid and effective! I’d recommend it.


Human Powered Treadmill > plug in pace setters

May 20, 2023

I don’t own this treadmill, but there is one at my gym and it’s awesome. I’m a bigger guy at 225 lbs and I knock out 2 miles of sprints 3 days a week with no leg pain. Smooth track, good shock absorption and very easy to use.

NOTE: I recommend you use a progression with any curved treadmill until you get the hang of it.

Haven’t figured out to change the screen it MPH v Km/h

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